Spectrum TimeClock

Spectrum TimeClock is a cloud/web based time clock service that you use from web browsers on your desktop computer, smart phones, and tablets. Hundreds of firms around the world rely on Spectrum TimeClock to make their employee time tracking and payroll tasks easier. Spectrum TimeClock is a mature and stable, continuously supported and improved since its release in 2004.

Calculate Time Worked Correctly

Computers calculate time worked much more easily than people do. An employee starts work at 8:06 AM and stops at 8:54 AM. That time worked is 0.80 hours, which isn't intuitive or easy to calculate unless you're an old pro at it. And even then, it's too easy to make mistakes.

Calculate Overtime Correctly

In the USA, employees earn overtime after working 40 regular hours in a single 7-day workweek. Calculating overtime is complicated if you don't pay your employees weekly. Additionally, many states have their own overtime regulations that further complicate these calculations.

For example, in California, employees earn overtime after working 8 hours in a workday at their regular rate of pay, and they earn double-time after working 12 hours in a workday. Further complicating the matter, the 40 hour US Federal overtime regulation still applies there, and employees working 7 days straight in a workweek start at overtime on that 7th day. Many other states have their own unusual overtime regulations.

All of this can make payroll extremely difficult to calculate. Doing it wrong can open you up to State and Federal labor audits that carry stiff penalties for shorting employees.

Job Costing

With Spectrum TimeClock, you can assign, and employees can punch in for specific tasks. You can then run detailed reports on how much time was spent on those tasks. If the tasks pay different amounts, Spectrum TimeClock will calculate earnings using the required weighted averaging for those hours.

Great Technical Support

Spectrum TimeClock is extremely reliable, so we don't have to spend technical support time explaining why our system doesn't work. That allows us to more quickly answer your questions about how to better use the service.


While Spectrum TimeClock has most of the features found in more expensive systems, we keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you. Service for up to 15 employees costs $250.00 per year.

Let Spectrum TimeClock make your life easier.

It does so much more than we've talked about here.

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